If You Like It Then You Shoulda…..

Hey all! Hope you are enjoying the weekend. 🙂 Here is yesterday’s events!

This week’s farm share haul from Bobbin Farm:

I didn’t waste any time putting this produce to work.

This egg scramble consists of 1 egg and 1 egg white, cherry tomatoes, peppers, onions, and basil.

Delicious and so fresh!

Nolan and I had a very busy day of shopping. First on the agenda was car shopping. I looked at a ton of different makes and models and I think I finally found a car that fits my needs and budget! I am so excited.

We were famished after a long day of shopping and dealing with crazy $$ driven car dealers so we headed to the mall for some food before continuing to shop.

I think I will be full for the next week! Fried rice, crab rangoons (my favorite) and General Chicken. SOOOO GOOD. (No I didn’t finish the whole thing but I came damn close.)

Since we only have 6 weeks before the big day (O.M.G) we needed to choose our wedding bands. I LOVE mine!

It’s obviously too big but I love how it looks with my engagement ring.

I love that my fingers are so small. Everything looks big on it! I was able to save a ton of $$ because of that. 🙂

Nolan’s ring is very light weight and comfortable. He does a lot of typing at work and he didn’t want anything slowing him down. He also hates jewelry on everyone. HATES. Particularly earrings. If I have them on (which I don’t typically) he will refuse to even kiss me. Weirdo. Since he has never worn any jewelry before it was an awkward experience for him but he found something that he loves!

“If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it!” I feel so proud 🙂 . It all seems so real now!


Do you or your significant other have any weird hatreds like Nolan and his earrings?


Farmshare Friday #8

What a day.  Lets start from the beginning.


Special K Vanilla Almond with strawberries and skim milk and an egg puff!

In a plastic container I mixed 1 egg with a little milk and added some frozen veggies. 3 minutes later, I had an egg puff!

So how did I spend my day you ask? Tying bows. Yes, bows. Remember my invitations?

Well those beautiful bows do NOT come tied.  After about 3 hrs, and several YouTube -how to tie a bow videos,  managed to figure it out.

Ugh! So tonight, my mom and I will put everything together, assembly line style and send them out in tomorrow’s mail.


Today we received our 8th shipment from Bobbin Farm!

In this week’s haul we received:
Collards/ Kale
Cherry tomatoes
Heirloom tomatoes
Husk cherries
Summer squash
Green and hot peppers
Eggplant/ beans or chard
Fresh onions

WOW! Talk about a good haul! Unfortunately I will be on vacation most of this week so the produce will have to wait for my return!



What do you have planned for the upcoming weekend?