Boston Strong

So, I prepped a post before going to bed last night. This morning Nolan and I were woken up by his boss who called to tell Nolan not to come to work. When Nolan asked why, he said “turn on the news”.

1 of 2 Mass. bomb suspects dead; suburbs shut down

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The town where Nolan works is next to Watertown.

Last night the FBI posted the photos of the two suspected marathon bombers. About 5 hrs later, the two that are now reveled to be terrorist brothers from Russia who have  military trailing robbed a 7-11. They then killed an MIT officer, stole a car, and proceeded to drive through the streets of Watertown throwing explosives at the police who pursued. One brother was shot and died at a local hospital but the second is on the loose. I am currently huddled around my computer listening as police scour the streets of the towns I know and love for the second suspect.

The residents of Watertown are being evacuated, and all commuter services have been suspended. Watching the news right now it UNREAL. It’s like watching a movie, and I know the characters and the setting all too well.


Here is today’s original post, which means more today than it did yesterday.

Happy Friday everyone! I can’t quite celebrate with all of  you today because when you are on vacation, every day is Friday!

I actually got a lot done yesterday! I cleaned out all my drawers, put my winter clothes away, and filled two whole trash bags with clothes I am going to donate to good will. After productivity, I went to the movies with my brother and my dad. We saw 42, the story of Jackie Robinson and it was truly great!

If you are at all a baseball fan, I highly recommend seeing this movie.

I had to go into the Tasterie office to get some last minute things done for Chicago. After, I met Nolan, Ashley and Shawn for dinner at my favorite restaurant in the world, John Harvard’s. I got one of the night’s specials,tequila lime chicken fettuccine.

IMAG5296It was heavenly. I have yet to order something at this restaurant that I don’t love.


I really hate to dwell on the horrible events that transpired on Monday in my home, but the way our city has reacted makes me so proud. Boston is unique. It’s full of stubborn Irish and die hard competitive spirits. Unlike most cities and states, our greatest  outlet and source of pride is our sports teams. It has been a source of relief  and distraction during this trying time.

(617 is our area code)

Here are a few videos/ clips that you HAVE to watch. If you are from the Bay State, I guarantee you will not get through these videos without laughing, crying, and smiling with pride.

* Stephen Colbert: Hilarious, and oh so true.

*The Garden on game night. Nolan was lucky enough to witness this first hand and join in. I have watched/heard this about 5 times and I cannot get through it without shedding a tear. Best National Anthem ever!

*During each Red Sox game, Fenway park echos with the voice of Neil Diamond singing Sweet Caroline. The tradition began in 1997 and has remained a “good luck charm” ever since. This week, Sweet Caroline was played and sung by thousands at Yankee Stadium, our true rivals as a tribute to Boston.

*President Obama hit the nail on the head and captures Boston’s true spirit in his speech at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Especially the last minute of this video!!!



Unbelievable Day In Boston

Yesterday was a horrific day for everyone in Boston. As most Bostonian’s do on Patriots Day, I spent my morning outside, cheering on the Boston Marathon runners.


I was at mile marker 16, only 10 miles from the finish line. It was a beautiful day outside and neither the runners nor the spectators could have imagined that the day would end like this. 

It absolutely blows my mind to think that something like this can happen. The rest of the afternoon/evening was pretty chaotic, as I proceeded to check on all of my friends, family members, and coworkers who were running and attending the race this year. Luckily, everyone was safe. My thoughts and prayers, along with everyone else in Boston are with the runners, and spectators who were affected.  

ESPECIALLY those who sacrificed so much this past year to train for this event and  were robbed of the opportunity to cross the finish line.

Krista made it to mile 20 before being stopped by police. Such an amazing accomplishment, and I know she would have finished if given the opportunity. Please read about her inspiring, emotional experience. 

Of course, Bostonian’s are handling this event appropriately. 

I am not going to dwell over this, because those responsible don’t deserve the publicity.


After a long afternoon, it was nice to come home to a crock pot full of food. 

I used this recipe, and prepped it before I headed out for the day. 

template recipe44


I’m pretty excited that asparagus is back in season. It’s up there with peppers as my favorite veggy!

**Side Note-Funny story: When I was in kindergarten, we made a class cookbook of our favorite foods. Some kids picked brownies, cookies, mac and cheese, and I had asparagus. What a weirdo. 

**Side Note #2 semi inappropriate story- Asparagus only makes about 40% of people’s pee smell. It doesn’t effect me, but I’m told it can have a stinky effect on some people.


I have a busy day ahead of me and a serious to-do list to tackle. 


  • Go to the gym
  • Clean out car
  • Put away winter clothes/take out spring clothes
  • Take clothes to good will
  • Spend some time outside
  • Eat yummy food

Enjoy the day

Song of the Day:

Dirty Water- Standells