My Shower

God morning everyone!

Yesterday was my bridal shower! My bridesmaids did a fantastic job pulling everything together. 🙂

It was at Kennedy’s Restaurant a few towns over. We had a private area for our festivities and the girls did a great job decorating!

The favors were so cute.

The theme of the night was food! There were  avors, trivia, and a wonderful recipe box filled with some family favorites.

There were gifts


and more gifts

And of course, food!

One of the best parts of the shower was that there was a menu, not a buffet! Of course, I went with the steak tips! They were probably the best tips I have ever had!!!!! There wasn’t too much sauce, the meat was tender, and perfectly rare. 🙂

My aunt made some INCREDIBLE desserts!

VERY successful cake pops! And delicious cupcakes!

It was a fantastic day, and we got so many great gifts! I cannot wait to start cooking with my new pots and pans! I am so lucky to have such a great supportive family, and a pretty handsome fiance 🙂


Kara’s Bridal Shower

Monday Morning. Ugh….

This week is going to be weird. I have a very strange schedule ahead of me and I’m not looking forward to it. I am working 3 jobs just today, and they are spread out in an annoying way.Luckily there is a light at the end of the tunnel- This weekend is Kara’s bachelorette party! We are all going to NH for a weekend of fun and relaxation. I cannot wait!

There has certainly been a lull in wedding planning lately. Not anymore! Between Kara and I, we have something wedding related planned every weekend for the next month

For those of you who haven’t been following SLF that long, Kara is marrying Craig in September. Nolan and I are their maid of honor and best man, and they are ours! yes yes it’s very cutesy. In the past 6 years the 4 of us have shared many important events together. (Please ignore the terrible hair cuts and levels of fatness in some of these pics.)




We have made incredible memories over the years and I cannot wait to make more in our new married lives. Ok, back to the shower-

The Bride


Kara looked as beautiful as ever!

The bridesmaids (minus 1):

The venue:

The Bella Costa Restaurant is wonderful. The accommodations were great and the staff was very easy to work with. We had a separate function space and it was very private.



Jelly beans


Coryn, one of the other bridesmaids’ mother is a florist. She is doing the flowers for the wedding and put together some centerpieces for the shower. They were beautiful!


This baby was DELICIOUS! it was half chocolate, half vanilla and the frosting was excellent-not too sweet.


We played 2 games throughout the day.

  • Timer game. If the timer goes off  when your present is being opened you get a prize!  There were kitchen gadgets, Dunkin Donuts gift cards, and various girly prizes.
  • Trivia game. Craig was asked a series of questions about  their relationship before the shower. Then Kara was asked the same questions and their answers were compared. The guests predicted how many questions they would get correctly and the correct guess won a prize.


The food was excellent! It was a buffet style brunch. There was an omelet station, home fries, bacon, pancakes, all the breakfast food fixins. There were also a few lunch options, pastas and such with salad and bread.


My omelet had spinach, cheese, peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

I also enjoyed a mimosa. 🙂 Hey it was a special occasion.


So many gifts! I took notes while they tackled the pile!

One of my favorite things we did for the bride was assemble a recipe guide of all her family members favorite recipes. It was fun coordinating and piecing it together. The end result was great. Overall it was a wonderful event and so much fun.

It is hard to believe that in 2 short weeks it will be my turn!