Some flavors just stay with you forever. Some flavors have the magical culinary power to transform you to a different time, place, age, and mindset. Blueberry pancakes bring me to Nickerson State Park, peppermint will always make me think of Christmas, certain alcohols bring me back to Westfield State, and mac and cheese will always make me feel 6 years old.

Nolan and I are certainly not beginners in the kitchen and we often have mouthwatering ingredients on hand. But yesterday I found myself staring at a meat infested freezer and a fridge overflowing with fresh fruits and veggies only to reach into the pantry and pull out the box of Kraft mac & cheese that I have been craving all week.

I decide to class it up a bit and give it some reminiscence of nutrition.  For one, I prepared it with skim milk and about 1/2 the “cheese” packet and without the butter. I  reached into the depths of the fridge and found some leftover hot dogs from this weekend’s cookout which I added to the mix (that basically is the “butter and remaining cheese packet” which I omitted). Then I turned to my trusty bag of Shaw’s mixed veggies to add some color and nutrition.





I know this isn’t a ground breaking culinary creation, but it’s a great last minute meal that is sure to satisfy the 6 yr old is all of us. 🙂

Question of the Day:

What flavors tansform you back to your childhood? For me it’s mac & cheese, tuna helper, and brownies.