Fiesta Night

Morning! This week is absolutely flying by! It’s probably because I have been so busy. Kara’s bridal shower is this weekend and there is a lot to get done! It is all so exciting and I cannot believe how quickly it has arrived.

So to be quite honest, I hit a bit of a detox snag Tuesday night. At about 9 o’clock I was STARVING and I totally gave in. Here is an embarrassing list of stuff I consumed between 9 and 10 pm.

  • Chocolate pudding
  • bag of TJ’s popcorn
  • a lemon- don’t ask
  • all of the leftover pasta

Needless to say the scale was angry at me the next morning. I swear I am going to be the worst pregnant woman someday. My cravings are already out of control as it is!

I am proud to admit that yesterday’s plan went much smoother.


Special K with blueberries and skim milk.


A patriotic yogurt bowl. Vanilla Chobani with strawberries and blueberries.


Last night we had friends over for dinner. My friend Sammy and her boyfriend Matt came over, and so did Kara and Craig for a little fiesta! We were originally going to go out somewhere but because we are trying to save on $$ and calories, we decided to have everyone over for a home cooked meal. I love having people over for dinner and we certainly do not host enough. (It was also good motivation to clean the apartment!)

Last night’s menu was fajitas with all the fixins!

  • homemade guacamole
  • chicken
  • diced tomatoes
  • lettuce
  • salsa
  • organic black beans
  • rice
  • cheese

Since I didn’t get home until 7 from job #3, Nolan took care of the cooking. Got to love a man who can hold his own in the kitchen. 😉 He was even nice enough to make me an awesome tortilla bowl! Fajita salad!

Soooo good! I put everything except rice and ranch in this baby and topped it with guacamole and salsa. I only ate about 1/4 of the shell because it got a little too hard,

**Now I realize this doesn’t seem “detox-y” but honestly, everything in here was fresh and pretty guilt free. Let me remind you that by “detox” I mean not take out and total junk food.**

I am also happy to report that while the others enjoyed adult beverages with dinner, I sipped on my green tea all night. 🙂

Dessert was equally delicious.

Fresh and juicy watermelon!


I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the gym yesterday because I had jobs #6 and #3 all day and company over all night. In anticipation of this, I added some creative physical activity throughout my day.

  • I decided to walk to work this morning. It’s only about a quarter mile but hey, it’s better than nothing and I saved some gas $$.
  • At job #6 I took the kids at the daycare for a walk.
  • At job #3 I played an intense game of tag with the kids I babysit.

I realize this isn’t a hardcore workout, but it was something and it had me sweating at times. 🙂

Enjoy the day!


What is your favorite meal to prepare? Why?

Do you have a favorite flavor of Chobani?





Water Workouts: Swimming to Success

Morning! I have absolutely NOTHING on my agenda today and I love it! I am hoping to get a good workout in because I have been seriously slacking lately. Anyone seen my motivation lately?

When it is a beautiful day outside, no one wants to spend their time at the gym. (Unless it’s too hot and it’s the only place that has a.c 🙂 ) Aquatic exercises are a nice alternative to a run of the mill gym workout, and they can help you get fit!

They are also great for those who are injured or have sore muscles. Or for those who, like myself, get bored with the same old routine and need to trick themselves into a workout. Here are some simple water workouts!

Water Workout:

  • Swim laps- Work your arms, legs, and core at the same time!


  • Pool jogging According to you can burn 17 calories a minute doing this cardio routine!


  • Try to stay afloat in the deep end using only your legs. Put your arms over your head for an even more challenging workout.
  • Then try to stay afloat using only your arms while keeping your legs straight and together.
  • Pool Plank

How to do it: Stand on the pool floor. Hold a noodle (it’s also called a “water log,” a long cylindrical piece of foam that floats) vertically in both hands. Press it straight down into the water and lean forward until your body is on an even incline. (Your head stays out of the water.) Try to keep yourself stable for 1-2 minutes.

  • Floating situps


Float in deep water with noodle wrapped around upper back and under arms, hands on either end. Extend legs toward pool bottom, feet together, toes pointed. Engage abs and raise knees toward chest (as shown). Hold for two seconds, then straighten legs for one rep. Do 20

You can stay cool and get fit on a hot summer day! Just remember to wear sun screen. I have gotten some terrible burns from poolside shenanigans. GO SWIMMING!

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What are you having for breakfast this morning?