My Pants Don’t Fit

Good  evening all. Hope your Monday wasn’t too terrible.

I have a few things I need to clear up. I was re-reading some of my posts from the last few months, and I realized that there is some insight missing. I’m sure there are some of you who have read all about my diet and think, wow, how does she do it? How does she eat the way she does, not exercise, and stay healthy? HA! The truth is, I can’t, and I don’t want anyone thinking I can.

I am about to throw myself way under the bus.

I have obviously been in a serious fitness rut, mostly because I hate it. I have ran for 3 yrs now and I still hate it. The whole time I’m thinking, “Am I done now?” ” Can I stop?” This combined with my delectable diet has caused me to gain a whopping 10 pounds since June. TEN! Now to some of you, this may not sound like a lot, but for someone like me who is 5’2 on a good day, it’s extreme. I am finally putting a stop to the madness for a few reasons.

  • I have two pairs of pants that fit me, and a closet full of pants that won’t button.
  • My thighs hurt after a day of walking in my Ugg boots….That’s a problem.
  • My asthma has not been behaving.
  • Soon people will start asking me when the baby is due.

I am not blaming anyone but myself (except my husband and his unbelievable cooking), and I have come to terms with a few things. I have chosen to live a certain way. Sure I could just make chicken and brown rice every night and have cereal every morning, but where’s the fun in that? Where’s the culinary challenge? Where’s the flavor?

I have chosen to live a life full of food festivals, red meat, full fat recipes, and make your own 6 packs. It’s a life that I love, and I need to start balancing.

So over the past few days I have dusted off my sneakers and hit the pavement. I’m not going to lie, it’s painful! My legs are not happy to be out of hibernation. At least the scenery was pretty. 🙂




Saturday: 3 mile run at Cushing

Sunday: 45 minute walk at the dog park

Monday: 4 mile run at Cushing

My calves are KILLING ME, but my body has already began to feel better. I just hope I can stay on track and remain consistent. I’m certainly not changing my diet, only my portions and the frequency of which I eat. Hopefully my pants will fit again in time for Thanksgiving… perfect timing huh? haha

Ok, dinner time!


Do you like to exercise?

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Life Soundtrack


How was everyone’s day? Mine was fantastic, and very low key. I ate great food, got in a workout, and watched some Olympics.


I started the day off with some Special K and blueberries in my new bowl. 🙂

After breakfast I headed to the post office to mail my thank you notes and then went to Cushing for a run.

Unfortunately I forgot to use my inhaler before I went and it was a bit humid so I had a difficult time catching my breath. *Asthma Fail* I walked most of the way but I got 4 miles in before I started to melt.  This certainly helped though!

One of my favorite features of listening to music while walking is that I feel like I have my own little soundtrack. I was always so jealous of the kids in those semi-reality shows on MTV like The Hills and Teen Mom because they had professionals putting music to their dramatic lives! I often think, “If my life was a tv show, what music would the producers choose to use at this moment?”

Post shower I made some lunch.

Can I just say how much I absolutely LOVE my new dishes and cups?!(I am very easily amused.)

I used this recipe for today’s lunch, minus the arugula.

I made an open-faced sandwich with fresh lettuce and tomato, with some fruit on the side.

I also enjoyed a cup of iced red tea.

Right now I am watching woman’s gymnastics in absolute amazement! These girls are crazy! I am not the least bit flexible and could never imagine doing these flips

Later on, white water canoeing came on. Didn’t know it existed but o.m.g is it intense!


our DVR is filled with Olympic glory right now! Love it!


If your life was on tv, what music would you want playing in the background?