Tasterie: A New Chapter!

Morning. Man, getting back into a routine and a respectable adult sleeping schedule is proving to be more difficult than I anticipated. I think I actually yelled at my alarm clock this morning. Nolan wasn’t thrilled by this.

Last night’s dinner was awesome. After grocery shopping this weekend I immediately prepped a few meals for this week. This isn’t something I typically do until the night before but since I had the time, why not?


For last night’s meal I cut up a boneless/skinless chicken breast and some peppers and onions. I tossed it all in a Ziplock bag with about 3 tbsp of our favorite Jamaican Jerk Sauce to marinate overnight.

After work yesterday I took the bag out and dumped in into a skillet with about 1 tbsp of water and a few handfuls of frozen spinach.


While that was cooking I popped a brown rice steamer into the microwave.

IMAG4923Roughly 7 minutes later, dinner was served!


Yum Yum, Yum Yum Yum!


So I briefly threw in yesterday morning’s post that I got a new part time job and it’s time to elaborate!

Over the past week I have been in contact with a company called Tasterie. Please please please click on the link and check them out! On Friday I finally had the opportunity to meet with them in person and I was offered a job!


Honestly, this opportunity is completely out of the blue for me. I answered an ad a few weeks ago that simply said “FOODIE WANTED” and I never expected it to turn into this.

Tasterie is a newer company that takes the time, effort, and frustration out of grocery shopping with food allergies and dietary restrictions. They track down food companies, products, and ingredients that are allergen free, assemble them into a TasterieBox, and send them out to their subscribers.  So if I had a gluten allergy I would sign up for their gluten-free TasterieBox and every month I would receive a box of gluten-free goodies at my door!

There are two types of boxes to choose from, A SignatureBox and a SnackBox.

SignatureBox:- $20 a month. Includes 8-10 meal oriented products/ingredients.

SnackBox- $15 a month. Includes 6-8 on the go snack products.

They currently cater to individuals with the following allergies or dietary restrictions: gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, and vegans.  They also have a blog which you can access here.

The mission of Tasterie is to provide people with not just foods they can eat, but foods they want to eat! MY job has several different responsibilities. I will be researching and tracking down companies and products that fit the needs of Tasterie and our customers, testing foods, creating recipes, and some blogging. 🙂 I’m also going to be working proactively toward putting together a TasterieBox for diabetics.

I am so siked for this new adventure and to see what the future has in store!  I will probably be asking all of you, especially those with special diets for help, so stay tuned!

Enjoy the day!

Question of the Day:

What do you think?!??!

Positively Productive

Well today has been a VERY successful vacation day!



peanut butter oats with hard boiled eggs and coffee.


I really wish I was spending my vacation here…


After some unpacking and dishes I called up my favorite running partner, (my brother Brian) because it was a gorgeous day today!


I forgot how much fun it is to run with another person. Talking is such a great distraction. I almost forgot I was exercising. …Almost. It’s especially nice to be with Brian because he’s also asthmatic so our stamina is similar. Before we knew it, we had run 5 miles! I haven’t done 5 miles in months. My body will be pissed tomorrow but right now I feel like a God lol.

Post workout, we hit up the produce place and Subway for lunch!


I switched it up this time and got turkey breast instead of ham. Look at all those veggies!

I also cleaned HOUSE at the produce place today!

I love this little hole in the wall market in Framingham, but it can be hit or miss. This week they had great stuff at unbelievable prices. I got all this stuff for under $20! Can you guess what I’m making for dinner???


I also had a chance to spend some quality time with the fam including this psychotic puppy! I think this was the first time she stood still all afternoon. I wish I had her energy haha.


For the rest of the day I plan to catch up on some blog stuff from the weekend and get dinner together. I just love vacation. Did I say that already?? 🙂

Question of the Day:

Cold or hot sub?