Embarrassing Sing Along

Good morning all. I am off to a bit of a slow start this morning. My stomach has not been agreeing with me the past 2 days and I decided it was best to spend the day on the couch since I would probably be little to no help at school today.

Last night was INCREDIBLE! Our Bruins managed to score 3 goals in the last half of the third period and 1 in overtime to beat the Toronto Maple Leafs and advance to the next round of playoffs!

I will admit I didn’t have a very “Boston Strong” attitude towards the end, but man did they pull it off at the last minute! True.Boston.Form.


I don’t have any fun foods to share today, but I do have some funny anecdotes.

I have really been enjoying this warm weather (although today doesn’t look that fantastic) and one of my favorite things to do in the summer is just drive around with the window’s down and take in all the fresh warm air.

Another favorite of mine is to loudly, and almost never on key, sing along to the radio. “Rock out”, if you will. Well recently I have been caught SEVERAL times belting out the lyrics to some pretty embarrassing, classic songs. The songs that everyone knows the lyrics to, but no one admits to liking.

 You know the situation. You’re stopped at a red light, rocking out and someone pulls up next to you and just completely turns 90 degrees to watch you make a fool of yourself…. as if they have never done it.

So to add a laugh to your morning coffee, here are 5 embarrassing songs that I have gotten caught singing, windows down, voice up. I DARE you not to sing along…..

1. Together Forever- Rick Astley

(Phenomenal music video huh? )

2. In the Air Tonight- Phil Collins

3. Stayin’ Alive- Bee Gees

4. Eye of the Tiger- Survivor 

5. Somebody to Love- Queen

So which one had you bust out in song? I bet it was Eye of he Tiger. It is physically impossible not to sing along to that song!

On that note, have a great day everyone!

Question of the Day:

I know this has happened to you so, which song have you gotten caught singing in your car?


The Many Men of My Life

Today is a day I have been anticipating for YEARS! I bought this ticket back in December and the date has finally arrived! 🙂


You know how everyone has a weird, random, guilty pleasure obsession? …Don’t you DARE try to deny it!

There have been many men in my life whom I have obsessed over…..

It all started at age 8 with Tommy, the Green Power Ranger

Then I went through a big Matt Hardy phase that lasted most of my middle school years.

Next came the original vampire heart throb…

There was the long time love of Derek Lowe, mediocre phenomenal pitcher for the Red Sox.

Like most, I went through my Dr. McDreamy phase.

And who doesn’t love Jim from the Office?!

But through all the years only one man (besides you Nolan) still makes me giddy.

Rob Thomas

(Hmmmm do I have a thing for guys with long hair or what?)

I’ve never realized what a “type” I have hahaha.

Anyway, I have been obsessed since the 90’s and I have only seen them ONCE in concert and it was a short set about 5 years ago.

I even loved them when they looked like this….

Weren’t the 90’s awesome? Who misses frosted tips?

Not to mention guy liner? I’m not gunna lie, I still think it’s hot

Anyway, tonight Nolan and I are going to Mohegan Sun to see them! Actually, I’m going to the concert by myself, and Nolan’s going to hang out in the casino when I party with Rob. (Because that will obviously be the outcome.) I paid wayyyyy too much for my ticket and it would have been a waste to get him one too.

All right, I could sit around talking about Rob all day. Time to get this work day over with so I can party with Rob!

Questions of the Day:

Do I wear my “Mrs. Rob Thomas t-shirt or is that creepy? LOL

Who were your man crushes growing up?

Song of the Day:

Matchbox Twenty- Downfall