Farmshare Friday #8

What a day.  Lets start from the beginning.


Special K Vanilla Almond with strawberries and skim milk and an egg puff!

In a plastic container I mixed 1 egg with a little milk and added some frozen veggies. 3 minutes later, I had an egg puff!

So how did I spend my day you ask? Tying bows. Yes, bows. Remember my invitations?

Well those beautiful bows do NOT come tied.  After about 3 hrs, and several YouTube -how to tie a bow videos,  managed to figure it out.

Ugh! So tonight, my mom and I will put everything together, assembly line style and send them out in tomorrow’s mail.


Today we received our 8th shipment from Bobbin Farm!

In this week’s haul we received:
Collards/ Kale
Cherry tomatoes
Heirloom tomatoes
Husk cherries
Summer squash
Green and hot peppers
Eggplant/ beans or chard
Fresh onions

WOW! Talk about a good haul! Unfortunately I will be on vacation most of this week so the produce will have to wait for my return!



What do you have planned for the upcoming weekend?


Life Soundtrack


How was everyone’s day? Mine was fantastic, and very low key. I ate great food, got in a workout, and watched some Olympics.


I started the day off with some Special K and blueberries in my new bowl. 🙂

After breakfast I headed to the post office to mail my thank you notes and then went to Cushing for a run.

Unfortunately I forgot to use my inhaler before I went and it was a bit humid so I had a difficult time catching my breath. *Asthma Fail* I walked most of the way but I got 4 miles in before I started to melt.  This certainly helped though!

One of my favorite features of listening to music while walking is that I feel like I have my own little soundtrack. I was always so jealous of the kids in those semi-reality shows on MTV like The Hills and Teen Mom because they had professionals putting music to their dramatic lives! I often think, “If my life was a tv show, what music would the producers choose to use at this moment?”

Post shower I made some lunch.

Can I just say how much I absolutely LOVE my new dishes and cups?!(I am very easily amused.)

I used this recipe for today’s lunch, minus the arugula.

I made an open-faced sandwich with fresh lettuce and tomato, with some fruit on the side.

I also enjoyed a cup of iced red tea.

Right now I am watching woman’s gymnastics in absolute amazement! These girls are crazy! I am not the least bit flexible and could never imagine doing these flips

Later on, white water canoeing came on. Didn’t know it existed but o.m.g is it intense!


our DVR is filled with Olympic glory right now! Love it!


If your life was on tv, what music would you want playing in the background?