Monday Montage: Chicago

Good morning everyone. I am exhausted. I flew into Logan last night around 11 and my head didn’t hitย  the pillow until 1. It is currently 7 am, and I can tell it’s going to be a 3 coffee day.

Real quickly, I want to just post a few pictures from my trip to Chicago!













I will certainly fill you in on the details later, but it was a very successful trip and a great opportunity. ๐Ÿ™‚

Catch ya later, if I’m still awake.

The Honeymoon Stage

Two days after the wedding, Nolan and I got on a plane and headed to the Dominican! We stayed at an all inclusive resort in Puerto Plata. I will admit, I was soooo nervous. I must sound like such a pessimist, but I have heard so many honeymoon horror stories. Between missed planes, lost luggage, and resorts from hell I was sure something would go wrong. However, as luck would have it, all our flights were on time and the resort was fantastic!

We both agreed that the honeymoon started the second we arrived at the airport. We also agreed that 2 words were completely off limits for the week: calories and money. We were not going to stress about either one of those evil words.

We wasted no time getting down to business. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lunch at the Miami airport

For 6 days we sat in the sun, ate what we wanted, drank what we wanted, and didn’t think about anything productive. As I said the resort was all inclusive. There was a buffet style restaurant open all day, and several specialty restaurants available to eat at for dinner.

The view from our room was incredible.

It was 90 degree and sunny everyday, with a much needed ocean breeze. Since it’s pretty off season, there were probably only 150 people staying at this gigantic compound. We didn’t have to wait for food or drinks, and we never had to fight for a spot at the beach. It was the perfect place to unwind and just be ourselves. To tell you the truth, we were asleep by 10 every night. I had no idea how tired I was from all the wedding stuff until I stopped to take a breath.

I married such a goof ball.

My favorite part of this resort was the beach beds! These Arabian style beds line the ocean shore on “VIP Beach”. There are jacuzzi tubs, a sushi bar, a restaurant, 3 bars and waiters who bring you everything you want… for free. BLISS. We spent many days on those beds just soaking in the sun and being waited on hand and foot.

We spent many hours in these beds discussing the menu for our dream future restaurant. haha Hey we can dream right?
This is how we spent all but one of our days. On one of the days, we headed to Ocean World! Let me be blunt, Ocean World is a ghetto Sea World, and worth every penny!

See, I told you!

Our day pass included a buffet lunch, access to all the exhibits, and entry to the sea lion show, the dolphin show, exotic bird show, and the shark show. We took full advantage!

Our favorite was definitely the sea lion show!

These babies are TRAINED. It’s amazing what wild animals will do for treats. haha In addition to the shows, Nolan and I spent the day playing with the animals.

**Fun Fact: There are no rules or precautions in the Dominican. They don’t fear liability or accidents, and everyone has a very positive attitude.**

Since there are no rules in the Dominican, we got up close and personal with the exotic birds.

Then we got up close and personal with some tigers.

Yup! This place has a grado pool in which you can swim with two Bengal tigers, only separated by a sheet of plexiglass .

We had so much fun! It was the perfect week. We are already planning our next vacation.

So what’s next?

Nothing. We are in absolutely no rush to start a family or buy a house. For now we are excited to start living our new lives, and ride out this honeymoon stage as long as we can. ๐Ÿ™‚