Detox Day 1

Good morning! Day 1 of the detox was a somewhat success! Here are some highlights

  • I skipped my morning coffee
  • I drank 5 glasses of water!!!
  • No snacking
  • I got 9 hrs of sleep last night.

Lately it has been impossible to sleep in our apartment. We are on the third floor so it’s always about 10 degrees hotter up here. Our a.c is in our living room and it never seems to reach the bedroom. Ghetto solution? Air mattress in the living room. Yup. The past 2 nights that we have been home we have slept on an air mattress on the living room floor.

Yup, we’re high class. 🙂


Special K cereal with fresh blueberries and skim milk for breakfast.

Lunch stole the show yesterday.

It all started with a $1.50 can of soup!

I beefed up this soup with a few additional ingredients.

  • Chopped swiss chard from the farm
  • frozen veggy mix
  • beef bullion cube
  • 1/2 cup of water


I couldn’t really taste the chard at all, but the nutritional value was still there. 🙂

I made a turkey and cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and avocado on an Arnold sandwich thin. I also had some juicy honeydew melon and nectarine on the side.

I looooove nectarine. The best part is I have about half this meal leftover for tomorrow.


Chicken stir fry with frozen veggy mixes, and brown rice. Steamfresh frozen brown rice was on sale this week for $1 each so we grabbed a few.

It was quick, easy and nutritionally appropriate.

I did however break my goal and ate some more Special K at about 9:30. I am still going to try my best to close the kitchen tomorrow at 9.


I made it to the gym today after job #6. I completed this workout:

I realize this doesn’t look like much but my legs were killing me after these squats. I can tell it’s been a while since I really hit the gym. It amazes me how quickly the body can get off track.

I also think it’s about time to update the playlist. It was so hard for me to stay on that treadmill for that long. I couldn’t stop looking at the timer and counting down the seconds.

I already feel better this morning. I am down 2 pounds from yesterday and I just feel better. Hopefully the success will continue today! Wish me luck. 🙂


What is your idea of a detox diet?

Rainbow Omelet Scramble & A Care Package

UGH! It’s another insanely hot day outside today. I have zero tolerance for the heat so I really hope it goes away fast! Luckily I had many air conditioned things to do today.

Oh yes after job #2 this morning I had job #5 all day. (refer to the cheat sheet if you are confused!) I I did NOT have fun doing the laundry today. Laundry pig and I were SO. HOT.  hahaha

I still haven’t folded it because our A.C. doesn’t reach the bedroom and I’m guessing its 118 degrees in there!


I have two food items to share today!


I am calling this my rainbow omelet scramble!

Red- grape tomatoes

Orange- Peppers

Yellow- Onions and peppers

Green- Fresh Basil


For lunch today, my dad bought me some sushi 🙂

This is a Hawaiian Roll which consists of tuna, avocado, spicy mayo, and roe.



I received a very exciting package today in the mail from the lovely people at Wild Harvest!

They are the main sponsor of this years Healthy Living Summit which I am attending in August!

It was like Christmas!

Just look at all those goodie!!! All of their products are organic and natural. One of the things Jillian Michaels recommends to those with hypothyroidism is to buy as much organic food as possible because the hormones and pesticides in non organic foods can impact the function of the thyroid. HOWEVER organic foods tend to be much more expensive and when you are on a tight budget, it’s unfortunately not as high a priority as say…rent. lol I am so thrilled to have access to these foods…For Free!

Nolan is especially excited about the cayenne pepper. It should fit perfectly into tonight’s recipe!


My body is still on my school schedule and it magically wakes up at 7:30 every morning ready to go! Since I didn’t have to be at job #2 until 10 I decided to hit the gym and I completed this workout:


June Yoga Challenge week #3 update

June’s Yoga Challenge Goals:

  • Take at least one yoga class at the gym
  • Incorporate yoga into my workout routine twice a week.
  • To gain more control over my breathing.

I did a short session of Hot Yoga today! (a.k.a I didn’t turn the a.c. on and I did Jillian’s yoga video). My legs are KILLING ME! I have noticed a real change in my flexibility however. It doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it did week 1. My breathing is much better also. I certainly feel like I have more control and I am more conscious of my inhale and exhale. If I’m being honest though, I still just can’t get into it. I have a hard time talking myself into completing a yoga session, however I do love incorporating some yoga poses and routines into my free weight gym routine. At the end of today’s workout I did a mini yoga session that incorporated warrior two, cobra, crescent pose ups,

and  some downward dog kicks.

Tonight I am having a girls night with a few of my bridesmaids and I am so siked to just chill out and talk wedding!

Stay cool!


What is your favorite omelet ingredient?

Do you purchase organic products?