Flavor of the Week: Dizzy Pig Rub

Friday, Friday, gettin down on Friday! Sorry I am slightly excited. How has your week been? I am very excited for this long weekend, and getting my bbq on!

Ok, time for this week’s favorite flavor of the week!


I was recently sent some spice rubs to try from the Dizzy Pig. They are actually a Top 8 allergen free company and we will be using their rubs in our upcoming Tasterie boxes! 🙂

I was sooo siked to receive this little bundle of joy last week and I wasted no time digging in and testing them out.
In all I received 10 rub samples to try, and so far I have tried two of them.
1. Haddock was on sale for $4.99 a pound so we bought a few to freeze. For this dinner I cooked up 2 pounds so we could bring leftovers for lunch the next day. I prepared it two ways. One I covered in garlic salt, basil and fresh lemon, and the other I smothered in the Dizzy Pig’s ” Raging river rub.”



I only ended up using half the bag of seasoning, and saved the other for later.

2. We used our go-to crock pot chicken drumstick recipe last week and instead of creating my own rub, I used the Dizzy Pig’s “Tsunami Spin”. I covered about 8 drumsticks with a bag of seasoning.



8 hrs later…..


Both were fantastic and I look forward to trying the steak rub in the near future! I am so siked to have these summer flavors back in my life. 🙂

Have a fabulous Friday!



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