WIAW: Food-Spiration

Hello there! What’s shakin’?  4 weeks from today is the last day of school! Summer is so close, I can taste it!

Speaking of taste, I was recently looking over some old blog posts from last year for some food-spiration and it really became apparent that I go through serious foods trends based on the season. Now that the weather is nice I am craving cold dishes with fresh ingredients like yogurt, cereal, salads, veggie plates, and frozen treats. I know “fresh” isn’t a trend, but when the weather is cold I really couldn’t care less about the freshness of the ingredients in my meals, as long as it’s hot and gooey.

I am no longer craving soups or crock pot creations and I am packing many more little snacks to munch on throughout the day. I am also currently addicted to ice tea (homemade) and milk.**Fun food fact-there was once a time in my life where I would drink about 2 gallons of milk a week. I craved it all the time and I had a glass with dinner every night  Now I only use it in my cereal and the occasional recipe.

Ok, onto yesterday’s eats!

Peas and Crayons



Breakfast sampler platter. Scrambled eggs with cheese, black berries, red peppers, and turkey bacon. Sweet, sour, salty, and savory. Soooo many flavors. 🙂


Hummus, veggies, and some bagel chips


I had never tried this spicy hummus from Trader Joe’s and I was pleasantly surprised by its flavor. It has crushed chilies in the middle and has a real kick to it! It is the perfect topping to the everything bagel chips. What I really love about these chips is that they aren’t too hard or thick so you can get a nice chip/dip ratio. That’s an important characteristic in a chip.


Leftover steak fajita salad.

As you can assume from my weekend wrap up, we ended up with a LOT of leftover steak which I have been putting to phenomenal use.

**So this is actually pretty funny. I forgot to take a picture of my salad but I knew I had made one before so I looked through my archives and I discovered that not only had I made this before, but it was on the same exact day last year! May 28th 2012 I had the exact same salad for lunch, made from the exact same Memorial Day cookout leftovers. How bizarre is that?!?! I am clearly a culinary creature of habit. 🙂

Steak, corn on the cob, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and avocado.


Dinner was basically the contents of my vegetable drawer on a bed of whole wheat pasta.

IMAG5502If I remember correctly, it was peppers, onions, mushrooms, kale(frozen), and eggplant. I originally bought the eggplant to make eggplant parm but I chickened out. 😦

I do however need to do a bit of food bashing. We bought some Barilla pasta sauce because it was on sale and I have to say, it’s terrible!

I certainly don’t have a snobby pallet, but there is something about the flavors in this jar that I can’t enjoy. It has no depth, developed flavor, or fresh taste. It also leaves a weird after taste. It’s definitely something we will never purchase in the future. Just a little FYI.


Nolan and I took a trip to Sweet Spot after dinner for a  little treat.  I went a bit crazy. A mix of cake batter and cookies and cream frozen yogurt, with Oreos, cookie dough, toffee pieces, strawberry fruit bubbles, and a cherry. Holy fat. But it was just so good!!!IMAG5552

My goal for the summer is to concoct the perfect frozen yogurt cup. This place, like most self-serve stores, weighs your cup at the register and you pay by the ounce. I am determined to find the best combo of toppings that weigh the least. I have a feeling it’s going to be a real trial and error study, but I am prepared to put in the man hours. 😉

Question of the Day:

I think I have asked this before, but what is your favorite frozen yogurt topping?


6 thoughts on “WIAW: Food-Spiration

  1. Every time I see someone with frozen yogurt I think “I need that ASAP!”. I love a combo of everything chocolate for a topping! Can’t go wrong with leftovers either, especially steak!

  2. Oh wow that fro you looks so good as does that steak salad!!
    Would you believe I’ve never had store bought fro you before; there’s none near me..I feel deprived haah!

  3. I usually do a more simple vanilla based yogurt flavor- cake batter, or cheesecake- and add fresh blueberries and captain crunch! I never ever buy that cereal yet it is a great crunchy light topping!

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