Monday Montage

This weekend flew by. I hate when that happens! 😦

Dinner at John Harvard’s!

Blackened tilapia salad. Sry my photo got cut off!


Sampler of their Breakfast Brews


Blueberry muffin beer, bacon beer, Earl grey IPA, Espresso Nutbrown, and a Maple Porter.

Another batch of scones! This time with Blood Orange Chobani and cranberries!


I once again brought my own scone to Panache Coffee while doing my Tasterie research.


Me and 2 of the Andelman brothers at the Phantom Gourmet Wine Festival


Spray bottles with food coloring+ snow = best babysitter ever!


Ice cream with sprinkles


Thank you Pinterest!IMAG4943

Took advantage of the beautiful Spring Weather


Enjoyed some revelry hockey!

Song of the Day:

Fleetwood Mac – Landslide


Questions of the Day:

What is your favorite breakfast baked good? Mine is a sesame bagel with cream cheese!

Spicy or tangy?


Positively Productive

Well today has been a VERY successful vacation day!



peanut butter oats with hard boiled eggs and coffee.


I really wish I was spending my vacation here…


After some unpacking and dishes I called up my favorite running partner, (my brother Brian) because it was a gorgeous day today!


I forgot how much fun it is to run with another person. Talking is such a great distraction. I almost forgot I was exercising. …Almost. It’s especially nice to be with Brian because he’s also asthmatic so our stamina is similar. Before we knew it, we had run 5 miles! I haven’t done 5 miles in months. My body will be pissed tomorrow but right now I feel like a God lol.

Post workout, we hit up the produce place and Subway for lunch!


I switched it up this time and got turkey breast instead of ham. Look at all those veggies!

I also cleaned HOUSE at the produce place today!

I love this little hole in the wall market in Framingham, but it can be hit or miss. This week they had great stuff at unbelievable prices. I got all this stuff for under $20! Can you guess what I’m making for dinner???


I also had a chance to spend some quality time with the fam including this psychotic puppy! I think this was the first time she stood still all afternoon. I wish I had her energy haha.


For the rest of the day I plan to catch up on some blog stuff from the weekend and get dinner together. I just love vacation. Did I say that already?? 🙂

Question of the Day:

Cold or hot sub?